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The digital partnership of Cologne and SOSA/Tel Aviv will connect leading startups, investors and innovators with strong business and industries. The partnering will support innovation through exchange of best practices, professionals, industry introductions and scouting of relevant startups for partnerships and investments.

The digital international partnership between Cologne and Tel Aviv will serve as a platform of founder spirit and digital entrepreneurship. Both cities will contribute to this unique ecosystem of communication, collaboration in order to enable Cologne based startups to connect to potential investors from Israel. Startups from Tel Aviv will benefit from gaining access to leading industries based in Cologne.

Since the end of the 70s, Cologne and Tel Aviv are collaborating as international twin towns. Over the past years, Tel Aviv strengthened its position as the worldwide leading and highly active startup-scene in Europe and the Middle East. This vibrant international hub for technology and innovation attracts international investors, entrepreneurs and high-tech professionals from around the world. Cologne offers one of the most diverse economies including leading retail, insurance and media companies. Furthermore, the entire region benefits from the aeronautics, astronautics and automotive sector, several chemical and pharma enterprises as well as newly rising biotech and life-science companies.

The digital international partnership will create innovation and enable new business opportunities. Therefore SOSA and the City of Cologne will conduct an intense exchange of best practices, knowledge transfer and professionals. Participating start-ups will benefit from exclusive industry introductions in order to scout for investment partners.

SOSA proposes a strategic collaboration wherein the City of Cologne and Cologne based companies will benefit from the guidance and support of the growing local innovation ecosystem, deal flow access, exclusive introductions to investors and branding. SOSA will improve connections between Cologne based companies and startups from Tel Aviv. Further SOSA will facilitate the knowledge transfer and focus on an intense level of cooperation through delegations, networking events featuring Cologne based business, tours and visits.

Henriette Reker, Lord Mayor of the City of Cologne
„ The cities of Tel Aviv and Cologne have been linked through a city twinning since 1979 with the intention of getting to know each other better and of achieving a deepening of human relations between its citizens. The existing exchange is now to be intensified with the cross-sectoral topic “Digitalisation” and to be developed further by mutually promoting business development in the fields of technology, start-up and founder funding and connecting innovators to business and industry.

The aims of the digital international partnership and are to intensify the cross-cluster exchange about digital developments, a close cooperation in the field of technology and the start-up community as well as the joint development and extension of an international InnovationHub. “

The Media- and Internetbusiness Unit of the City of Cologne and SOSA Tel Aviv offer founders, start-ups and investors different things to benefit from the networks of both ecosystems. If you are interested of getting part of the network, get in touch with

Yours sincerely
Henriette Reker


The digital international partnership relies on strong partners and facilitators in order to enable founders and entrepreneurs to connect with the future economic vitality of Cologne and Tel Aviv. Each partner contributes to the partnership of the twin towns on a unique way to support the exchange between founders, investors and the industry.


Founders and entrepreneurs may request assistance and support of the Digital International Partnership mentoring program. Our mentors include CEOs, CTOs, CMOs and a variety of designated experts who operate in Cologne and Tel Aviv.

To get in touch with our mentors please contact us.


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